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Music Therapy:
Another path to learning and communication for children on the autism spectrum

by Betsey King, MMT, MT-BC

Item: 9781885477538

Format: Paperback
Pages: 124

Music therapy is the use of music to address non-musical goals. More and more parents and professionals are finding that music can break down barriers for children with autism in areas such as cognition, communication, and socialisation. While music therapists are experienced professionals who create unique interventions, many of the principles of music therapy can be implemented by other therapists, teachers, and parents — even by people who do not consider themselves musical! This book explains how to use the many elements of music to foster communication, and teaches you how to adapt music to meet a child’s needs. Visual aids and already-written songs will get you started!


About the Author
How to Use This Book

Part I: What is Music Therapy?
Important Notes
Music Therapy Is
Music Therapy is Prescribed
A Qualified Music Therapist
The Relationship that Develops
The Music in Music Therapy
To Assist or Motivate
Achieving Non-Musical Goals
A Music Therapist Works as Part of a Team

Part II: Nine Therapeutic Characteristics of Music
1. Music Captivates and Maintains Attention
2. Music Structures Time
3. Music is Success-Oriented
4. Music Provides a Safe Place to Practice Social Skills
5. Music Makes Repetition and Memorization Enjoyable
6. Music Lets Children Control Their Environment
7. Music Can Create or Emphasize a Routine
8. Music Can Reflect and Adapt to Each Individual
9. Music is Movable

Part III: Music Therapy Services


“Very upbeat and keeps you interested! Good ideas for classroom and therapy.”

“I Like how it helps with memorisation of skills!”

“Gave great ideas and examples.”

“Great information. I never thought of music to help students!”

“Gave me lots of ideas for my own daughter, as well as my students.”


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