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Overcoming Dyslexia
in Children, Adolescents, and Adults

by Dale R. Jordan

Item: 9780890798799

Format: softcover
Pages: 432

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Jordan’s book is an invaluable tool for those who work with and educate individuals with dyslexia. Now in its third edition, Overcoming Dyslexia in Children, Adolescents, and Adults tells the story of dyslexia in a positive, hopeful way.

Overcoming Dyslexia in Children, Adolescents, and Adults leads the reader through simple, clear descriptions of the learning and social patterns of students who are dyslexic. The book summarises in easy-to-understand language what science knows today about the causes of the different forms of dyslexia, specifically those related to left-brain language processing. In addition, all forms of dyslexia are described in detail with accompanying illustrations of how dyslexia impacts classroom learning, social behaviour, emotional maturity, job performance, and personal development.

  • Chapter 1 summarises remarkable new information about how genetic codes determine brain development, and how differences in brain structure cause dyslexia.
  • Chapter 2 explains the perceptual and emotional nature of dyslexia.
  • Chapter 3 describes the problems of poor central vision for reading and attention deficit disorders that often exist beneath the surface of dyslexia.
  • Chapters 4 through 6 describe the four most common subtypes of this learning difference: visual dyslexia, auditory dyslexia, dysgraphia, and dyscalculia.
  • Chapter 7 describes the emotions, feelings, and moods that trip up struggling learners with failure and low self-confidence.
  • Chapter 8 tells about the NVLD (nonverbal LD) and SELD (social-emotional LD) that often accompany dyslexia. Chapter 8 also presents strategies for developing effective social skills and learning to live independently.
  • Chapter 9 tells dynamic victory stories of how eight prominent adults overcame dyslexic challenges in their lives. Finally, the appendices provide assessment techniques to help teachers and parents identify types of dyslexia, attention deficits, and other kinds of differences that make classroom learning and social success difficult for 20% of our population.

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