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Music Magic:
A music teaching resource for ages 3 to 6 years

by Lucy Bainger

Item: 9781920934040

Music Magic is a valuable resource for educators and students, parents and carers in providing fun and enriching musical experiences for young children. Educators, including those with very little musical experience, are provided with practical support and detailed instructions for sharing music confidently and effectively with young children.

Sharing music with children is a wonderful, joyful experience for everyone involved and yet it can present challenges for the educator. While we love and enjoy music ourselves, many of us may feel shy and inhibited and in need of support and new skills when faced with the task of encouraging musicality in children. Other educators may feel comfortable with music making but want fresh, alternative approaches to add to a familiar repertoire. Music Magic gives a helping hand to every educator who would like to develop and exend his or her own musical expertise and involve children in musical play that is both fun and educational.

Music Magic includes:

  • eight chapters covering all the fundamental musical concepts;
  • over 30 songs and games;
  • a CD with all the songs for each chapter;
  • detailed explanations of ways to share the songs and games with children;
  • educator tutorials on specific focus areas, including on the CD;
  • reference notes providing practical assistance on important aspects of early childhood music;
  • Play Cards for the educator with summaries of the songs and games for each music session, and the song lyrics;
  • a lanyard and holder for the Play Cards to enable the educator to work hands-free;
  • take-home notes for parents on ways to continue Music Magic at home;
  • suggestions for music making with children in groups and individually;
  • further explorations for developing each concept in other key learning areas;
  • recommendations for music recordings, web sites and further reading.

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