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Pay Attention, Please!:
Games and Activities to Improve Attention, Focus, & Listening Skills

by Sherrill B. Flora

Item: 9781602680722

Ages: 4 - 10 years

Format: paperback
Pages: 64

Inattention makes it difficult to focus. Hyperactivity makes sitting still long enough to learn extremely difficult. Impulsivity which makes waiting for a turn nearly impossible. These are all behaviours of children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). These are also behaviours exhibited by young children from time to time.

Help students in grades PreK – 5 work out their wiggles using Pay Attention, Please! This 64-page book helps students with ADHD and students who are otherwise wiggly and overly busy learn how to pay better attention and focus for longer periods of time. It includes games and activities that strengthen listening, concentration, visual, and auditory memory skills; assist students in learning relaxation techniques; provide students healthy ways to burn excess energy; and help students discover ways to control overstimulation and impulsivity.


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