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Preschool First Stories: Teacher’s Guide + Card Set

by Marilyn M. Toomey
Illustrated by Susan Christy-Pallo

Item: 9780923573430

Age Group: Age 4 years and up

Format: softcover
Pages: 88
Cards: 60 Color Cards

Temporarily out of stock

Preschool First Stories presents ten six-part stories on large colour cards. Each of these stories is also presented in reproducible line drawings in the accompanying Teacher’s Guide.

Present a story in left to right sequence using colour picture cards, then present the same story in book form using line drawings from the Teacher’s Guide. This helps students transition and apply their understanding of logical sequence to book format.

Carrie's Balloon (Page 1)
Carrie's Balloon (Page 2)
Carrie's Balloon (Page 3)
Carrie's Balloon (Page 4)
Carrie's Balloon (Page 5)
Carrie's Balloon (Page 6)
Carrie's Balloon (Page 7)

The 88 page Teacher’s Guide also presents helpful suggestions for introducing narrative (story) structure to young learners and a question guide to help you determine student’s comprehension of each part of the story.
Carrie's Balloon (Page 8)
Preschool First Stories set includes 60 sturdy colour cards, each 5” x 6¼” (12.7cm x 15.9cm), packaged in a sturdy corrugated storage box. An 88 page, 8½” x 11” (21.6cm x 27.9cm) Teacher’s Guide is included.

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