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Preschool Education Programs for Children with Autism — Third Edition

by Jan S. Handleman & Sandra L. Harris

Item: 9781416402572

Format: soft cover
Pages: 381

Since the first two additions of Preschool Education Programs (1994, 2001), more exciting advances, particularly the Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA), have arisen to benefit the special education of youngsters in school. Contributing to this 12-chapter edition are 11 scholar programmes (Alpine Learning Center; ASCENT; Autism Center at the University of Washington; CABAS Program; Children’s Unit at SUNY Binghamton; Douglass Developmental Disabilities Center; Groden Center; LEAP Program; Summit Academy Sussex Consortium; and Valley Program), answering a common set of questions concerning the treatment of very young children with Autism Spectrum Disorders, using a range of ABA technology. This book addresses educational settings including public, private and university-based programmes in America. It is an especially valuable resource for parents, professionals and administrators who are in the process of developing programmes for the preschool student. Topics discussed include:

  • Addressing problem behaviours, social skills, and play
  • Teaching speech and language through verbal behaviour framework, visual supports, sign language, and other augmentative/naturalistic methods
  • Measuring outcomes of students
  • Conducting transition to school age programmes
  • Determining a child’s eligibility for admission and the diagnostic materials used

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