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Reaching the Child with Autism through Art:
Practical, fun activities to enhance motor skills and to improve tactile and concept awareness

by Toni Flowers

Item: 9781885477231

Format: softcover
Pages: 130

It is no secret that the arts are often underestimated when it comes to education. But author Toni Flowers knows better. Art encourages communication, positive self-image, concept development, spatial relationships, fine-motor skills, and many more facets of healthy child development. In this book, she provides dozens of artistic activities (called “experiences”) that will delight children with autism. Notes on each activity page offer helpful dos and don’ts, along with many real-life experiences Toni encountered while working with children on each activity. Give the children in your life the opportunity to express themselves!


  • Part I: Introduction
  • Part II: Choices
  • Part III: Definitions
  • Part IV: Collage Experiences
  • Part V: Painting Experiences
  • Part VI: Play Experiences
  • Part VII: Sculpture Experiences

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