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Setting up Classroom Spaces That Support Students With Autism Spectrum Disorders

by Susan Kabot & Christine Reeve

Item: 9781934575680

Target Group: Ages 4 - 10 years

Format: soft cover

Pages: 94

ForeWord Book of the Year Finalist (2011)

With even the best curricula and interventions, students with autism spectrum disorders will not learn unless the classroom environment is organised with their specific needs in mind. This long-awaited book shows through clear and brief text and lots of photos how to determine what type of furniture and materials to choose for various types of classrooms and how to arrange them in a way that creates an effective learning environment while reducing anxiety and preventing problem behaviours. As such, it uses evidence-based practices of structure and visual supports to enhance the well-being and success of students. Examples are given for students across the age span with lots of lists and helpful resources, making it a must-have resource for every classroom.

“This is the book I have wanted for MANY years. Each year thousands of educators are faced with having to set up new classrooms – in general education, resource rooms, or self-contained settings. And each year these teachers create from scratch a plan to accomplish this task. What a waste of valuable time! Drs. Kabot and Reeve have now created the book that every educator needs. Using evidence-based practices and what we know about students with ASD and other special needs, the authors explain, and show, how to set up classroom spaces. The book contains dozens of pictures of actual classrooms for individuals with ASD across ages, presentation of ASD (classic to high-functioning/Asperger Suncrome), and settings. Every educational professional should own this book.”
- Brenda Smith Myles, Ph.D., consultant with the Ziggurat Group, and author

“Setting up the classroom environment for student success is something that many teachers know in theory, but struggle to put into practice. In Setting up Classroom Spaces That Support Students With Autism Spectrum Disorders, Susan Kabot and Christine Reeve have not only answered questions related to why environmental supports are needed, they have also provided a step-by-step guide describing how to accomplish this task. This book is a ‘must-have’ for anyone setting up an environment for students with autism spectrum disorders.”
- Elisa Gagnon, ASD consultant, Blue Valley Schools, Overland Park, Kansas

“This book is guaranteed to be a wonderful support to all teachers! After having Susan Kabot and Christine Reeve come into my classroom and set up the physical structure, I have seen dramatic changes in my students’ learning. This is a must-read for all teachers who have students with ASD.”
- Allison Long, special education teacher, Gallatin, Tennessee

“As a special educator with 34 years in the field, this is the best and most practical guide for teachers and administrators I have ever read. The book provides all the critical information needed to set up a general education or special education classroom to support students who have autism, including selecting furniture and materials, and developinig student and staff schedules. Each recommendation is research-based and addresses specific student needs, This resource should be found in every teacher/ administrator library. I cannot wait to share this book with my daughter who is a kindergarten teacher.”
- Charlotte Kerr, director of student services, Homewood City Schools, Homewood, Alabama

“In Setting up Classroom Spaces That Support Students With Autism Spectrum Disorders, Drs. Kabot and Reeve provide an easy-to-follow blueprint for arranging a classroom for students with ASD. Their illustrations and scenarios allow teachers to see the practices being carried out in real classrooms. This book is a must for teachers working with students in any type of classroom.”
- Leslie Goins, Ed.S., special education teacher, Heiskell, Tennessee

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