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Skillstreaming the Elementary School Child:
A Guide for Teaching Prosocial Skills

by Ellen McGinnis

Item: 9780878226559

Pages: 408
Format: paperback

Skillstreaming is a social-emotional learning programme designed to help children and youth learn positive ways to have their needs met.

Skillstreaming the Elementary School Child employs a four-part training approach — modeling, role-playing, performance feedback, and generalisation — to teach essential prosocial skills to elementary school students. This book provides a complete description of the Skillstreaming programme, with instructions for teaching 60 prosocial skills.

Adaptable for a variety of situations, Skillstreaming is ideal for small group instruction for children who have common social needs. Often used by counsellors and others, the Skillstreaming programme is structured to be a targeted, social-emotional learning intervention. Specific Skillstreaming skills can also be taught in whole class sessions by counsellors.

The Skillstreaming programme at every age level is designed to be easily implemented when conducted by a group leader who has experience in working with small groups. Training is also available for school districts and other organizations when Skillstreaming will be implemented through multiple practitioners.

Skill Cards, Student Workbooks and Skill Posters reinforce the key objectives in the Skillstreaming programme. However, it is essential to first have the programme book before attempting to utilize other Skillstreaming products.

For a wide range of early childhood learning programmes and settings, Skillstreaming is a trusted and proven learning asset. Skillstreaming in the Elementary School Lesson Plans and Activities helps sustain skill instruction, enhance students' skill mastery, and most important - to refine skill use for dealing with more complex, real-life situations in and outside of the classroom. Also helps to prevent school and behavioural failure while also laying the foundation for education and life success.

The scope of the Skillstreaming programme was initially used as a strategy to remediate behavioural skill deficits in select groups of children. It is especially effective when combined with the daily behavioural practice of Lesson Plans and Activities. With its practical and practice-based approach, the Skillstreaming programme’s popularity has broadened. It has become a widely accepted social-emotional strategy applied in preschools, public schools, juvenile settings and beyond.

Part 1: Skillstreaming Program Content and Implementation

Chapters on effective Skillstreaming arrangements, Skillstreaming teaching procedures, refining skill use, teaching for skill generalisation, managing behaviour problems, Skillstreaming in the school context, and more.

Part 2: Skill Outlines and Homework Reports

Skill outlines are handy one-page summaries for each skill, including skill steps, guidelines for skill instruction, and suggested situations for modeling displays. Homework reports list skill steps and guide students in practicing the skills and evaluating skill use outside the Skillstreaming group.

Skill Areas

  • Classroom Survival Skills
  • Friendship-Making Skills
  • Skills for Dealing with Feelings
  • Skill Alternatives to Aggression
  • Skills for Dealing with Stress

Appendixes provide all programme forms needed to ensure a successful Skillstreaming intervention, plus leader and observer checklists to ensure programme integrity.

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