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A story to help teenagers with anger and alienation

by Margot Sunderland & Nicky Armstrong

Item: 9781906531102

Ages : 10 - 16 years

Format: softcover

Pages: 80

Simon Asher, known as Smasher, is good at being bad. He bullies, breaks into cars, carries a knife, gets into fights, and lots more. At best Smasher is heading for trouble and, at worst, jail. He is full of anger because of all the bad things that have happened in his life. He doesn’t care what he does or where he ends up, because he thinks life is lousy. One day he comes face-to-face with a strange presence who takes him on some horrific and wonderful journeys. As a result, Smasher realises he is at a major crossroads and has some serious choices to make. Does he destroy everything in his life, or think again and change direction in time?

  • From an award-winning author, this allegorical story gives life-affirming messages to teenagers struggling with identity issues, self-esteem, peer pressure, feelings of failure, inadequacy, futility, or problems with anger.
  • Unlike many other books for teenagers this is fully illustrated to help the reader vividly enter the thoughts and moods of the central character – a depressed and angry adolescent who has lost all hope for himself and his world.
  • The book is particularly suitable for adolescents who are struggling readers as the story is presented on two levels, both as text and speech bubbles.
“Margot has written the book all professionals working with vulnerable adolescents have been waiting for. The narrative can reach a child in distress on any level they feel ready to cope with. This is a creative and thoughtful therapeutic intervention in print. It is streetwise and soulful.”
- Camila Batmanghelidjh, founder of Kids Company

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