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Social Skills Solutions:
A Hands-on Manual for teaching social skills to children with autism

by Kelly McKinnon & Janis Krempa

Item: 9780966526691

Format: softcover

Pages: 211

Social Skills Solutions is a unique, hands-on manual that provides instruction on building a social skills programme from ten different comprehensive modules, all geared toward the specific diagnostic and social deficits of children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

Based on feedback from parents, professionals and children alike, the authors effectively illustrate the process involved in implementing a social skills group using the principle of Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA), the well-documented and substantiated method for teaching skills to children with ASD. Creative and motivating strategies provide concrete ideas on specific topics, each broken down into simple steps for using behavioural methods, visual aids, video modeling, and naturally occurring situations to facilitate social skills learning. An essential component of the book is the inclusion of a comprehensive social skills checklist – a pre-testing and assessment tool for children from ages 2 to 15 and over – which offers a fresh approach to creating and meeting goals.

This book offers readers the tools for teaching children pivotal skills using meaningful, fun, and practical activities. From eye contact, greetings, and simple conversation to sustaining play on the playground and learning how to read non-verbal signals, the authors provide reliable techniques for promoting social success in every environment. In creative, accessible, and cogent terms they have established the groundwork for addressing social skills and peer interaction within the ABA framework. With reproducible worksheets for easy implementation, this manual is an invaluable resource both parents and professionals will use time and again.


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