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Strategies at Hand:
Quick and Handy Strategies for Working with Students on the Autism Spectrum

by Robin D. Brewer & Tracy G. Mueller

Item: 9781934575185

Age Group : Ages 1 to 10

Format : flipbook
Pages : 81

Strategies at Hand reintroduces the much-valued concept of convenience to teachers, paraprofessionals and related professionals who work with students with autism spectrum disorders. It features easy-to-implement strategies that can be used in all types of educational settings and situations. This tool is broken down into five color-coded sections that are easy to locate and use:

  • Learning Environments (classroom, field trips, etc.)
  • Areas of Student Need (communication, behavior, etc.)
  • Transitions (substitute teachers, school assemblies, etc.)
  • Alphabetical Explanations of Terms (functional behavioral assessment, picture communication systems, etc.)
  • Resources and References
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