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Superflex takes on Rock Brain and the Team of Unthinkables ... A New Beginning ...
(Comic Book)

by Stephanie Madrigal
Illustrated by: Kelly Knopp

Item: 9780979292231

Format: softcover
Pages: 21

The storybook portion of the Superflex Curriculum Package is now available as a stand-alone item, for customers who wish to have additional copies of the storybook. It is not recommended for use without the full Superflex Curriculum Package.

This charming, full-coloured storybook Superflex Takes On Rock Brain and the Team of Unthinkables…A New Beginning…, tells the story of how Superflex came to be. In the story, the children will become familiar with Superflex’s town, “SocialTown” and learn about the cast of Unthinkables who are trying to overtake and rid the town of Superflex forever! Superflex and his sidekick dog, Bark, go on their first mission to try to save the citizens of SocialTown. This comic book is to be used as part of the larger Superflex curriculum, but users may want multiple copies of the comic book for use with 1 copy of the curriculum.

For full details on the Superflex Curriculum Package, click here.

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