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Supporting Children through Grief & Loss:
Practical Ideas and Creative Activities for Schools & Carers

by Anna Jacobs

Item: 9781906531539

Ages : 6 - 12 years

Format : soft cover
Pages : 200

A wealth of advice and helpful suggestions for those helping children through bereavement and loss.

Children who experience loss through death or separation need support and understanding, both at home and at school.

We often struggle to know what to say and how to provide this support. Staff in schools need to understand what to say and what to do, what might help and even what might not, and how to work with families.

This book gives an overview of different behaviours you may encounter in school and how to respond, as well as discussing questions children may ask and how to answer them.

Children’s understanding of death varies according to stage of development and the author provides guidance on age-appropriate, honest responses along with a toolkit of creative and arts activities to help children examine and understand their emotions, physical feelings and memories.

Also available : Supporting Teenagers through Grief & Loss (Ages 11-16+)

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