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Supporting Students With Dyslexia In Secondary Schools:
Every class teacher’s guide to removing barriers and raising attainment

by Moira Thomson


Format: softcover
Pages: 168

This highly practical book focuses on the teaching and learning of students with dyslexia in the context of the mainstream secondary curriculum, and provides practical guidance for school managers and subject teachers by highlighting the barriers to learning experienced by dyslexic learners in today’s curriculum.

Full of advice for removing – or minimising – these barriers, this book is packed full of strategies for supporting learning and raising the attainment of students with dyslexia. Teachers of students aged 11 - 19 will find valuable information on:

  • how dyslexia affects dyslexic learners’ access to and progress in the subject curriculum
  • how secondary teachers can identify possible barriers to learning in their subject delivery
  • the development and provision of appropriate support strategies for meeting the needs of dyslexic students
  • good practice in the identification and assessment of dyslexia that may be masked by high ability or divergent behaviour.

The use of case studies helpfully highlights the impact of dyslexia on students as they transfer to secondary school. They illustrate how and why this condition may be mistaken for behavioural - or other - difficulties, consider whole-school issues and relate throughout the book to a practical framework of proven support strategies.

“This is a wonderful book … well organised, accessible and jargon free. Particularly useful is the link to mainstream subject teaching. Without having to read the whole book, busy teachers and teaching assistants can dip in and out of the text in order to find appropriate strategies. This text should be on the shelf of every secondary school library and cited as Suggested Reading in training courses.”
- Dr Lindsay Peer CBE, Chartered Psychologist, Peer Gordon Associates; Formerly Education Director, British Dyslexia Association

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