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A Social Skills Training Guide for Teaching Assertiveness, Relationship Skills, and Sexual Awareness

by Susan M. Heighway & Susan Kidd Webster

Item: 9781932565256

Educate young adults and build their self-esteem so they can make informed choices!

Specially designed for teaching adolescents and adults with developmental disabilities, the STARS model focuses on four areas: Understanding Relationships, Social Skills Training, Sexual Awareness, and Assertiveness — with the goals of promoting positive sexuality and preventing sexual abuse. Assessment tools help identify the strengths and needs of each individual, and then the activities can be catered to address specific needs.

Goals and activities cover a variety of important skills:

  • Building a Positive Self-Image
  • Making Choices
  • Learning Relationship-Appropriate Behaviours
  • Engaging in Mature Relationships
  • Identifying Body Parts and Understanding Their Functions
  • Understanding Public and Private Behaviour
  • Understanding Sexual Feelings and Behaviours
  • Understanding Reproduction
  • Health Issues Related to Sexual Awareness
  • Recognising a Situation as Potentially Unsafe
  • Learning to Say “No” and Using Basic Self-Protection
  • And many more!

“STARS is one of the most valuable tools on my office bookshelf. I use it often to evaluate community safety, teach about inappropriate sexual behaviours, and to structure my consultation and training to residential and vocational support providers.”
-Patricia Miles Patterson, LCSW, Midwest Center for Psychotherapy and Sex Therapy, Middleton, WI

“I regularly use the concepts in STARS in my teaching and my work with medical practice. It is an outstanding guidebook that has stood the test of time.”
-William Schwab, MD, Professor, University of Wisconsin, Department of Family Medicine, Madison WI

“I count my lucky stars that my daughter participated in a STARS group. The curriculum promotes self-esteem and self-awareness, creating a foundation from which to teach about sexuality and relationships. It provides tools to help young people with disabilities to make healthy, responsible decisions.”
-Helen Hartman, Parent, Madison WI


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