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Sticker Strategies: Practical Strategies to Encourage Social Thinking and Organization

by Michelle Garcia Winner

Item: 9780979292217

Sticker Strategies includes over 80 fundamental teaching concepts/student strategies that have been printed onto colour-coded 4x6-inch stickers to apply to a spiral-bound set of index cards for a student to use at his or her desk while at school or home. The text on the stickers is also provided on an additional page for copying for future use with different students. The goal of the sticker strategy tool is for teachers to work with students to determine which strategies or social thinking reminders fit best for each student; a small book of key strategies can then be developed based on the student’s needs that the student can transport around campus. This innovative tool is best for 3rd grade to 12th grade students.

Michelle developed this product to help students, parents and teachers work towards the concept that students have to “own their own strategies”. The colour-coded Strategy Stickers help students to learn to be better social thinkers and organised across the environments of home and school.

Blank stickers at the end of each chapter allow for the creation of individual, unique stickers. Use this book as a launching pad to create your own customised strategies!

Topics include:

  • Asking for Help
  • Emotions & Problem Solving
  • Organisation, Writing and Homework
  • Group Work
  • Social Thinking
  • Family Time - Home Strategies

This very practical tool has helpful tips for all students and not just those with social learning challenges!


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