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Tackling Dyslexia

by Ann Cooke

Item: 9781861560650

Pages: 220
Format: paperback

This book describes an approach to teaching which is designed to take account not only of the problems encountered by children with dyslexia when learning to read, spell and write, but also of the nature of the task that the dyslexic child is trying to master. This second edition has been revised and expanded to include new approaches to the teaching of phonics, recent ideas about developing reading skills, the revised National Curriculum and the Code of Practice, and new developments in IT and software for teaching. There are completely new chapters covering early recognition, helping younger children, and difficulties with mathematics; and the sections on testing and monitoring work and on materials and games for teaching have also been expanded to form individual chapters.

Table of contents:

1 The Dyslexia Difficulty and The Literacy Task.
2 The phonological Approach.
3 Testing and Monitoring Work.
4 Approaches and Procedures for Teaching.
5 Teaching The Dyslexic Pupil in Key Stage 1.
6 Teaching Phonic work at Different Stages.
7 What Goes Into a Lesson?.
8 Reading.
9 Numeracy and mathematics.
10 Into The Classroom.
11 Handwriting.
12 Special Topics.
13 Computer technology in Lessons With Dyslexic Children.
14 Using Visual and Multisensory aids, Games and Other Materials.
Appendix I Talking to Parents.
Appendix II programmes, Resources and Books for Teaching.
Appendix III Estimating The readability of Books.
Appendix IV Further Reading and Reference Addresses.
Appendix V Checklists.
Appendix VI The National Literacy Strategy and The ' literacy Hour'.
Appendix VII Notes and References.

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