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Talkabout for Children 3:
Developing Friendship Skills

by Alex Kelly

Item: 9780863889196

Ages: 4+

Format: Spiral bound
Pages: 220

Designed specifically for young children (aged 4 and above) or children with special needs, this practical resource is packed with activities and games for developing friendship skills. The book includes:

  • Over 25 activities to develop friendship skills
  • A CD with colour versions of the activities to print out and use
  • A one year teaching plan to help teachers incorporate groups into the school curriculum
  • A short introduction to working with children with friendship and social skills difficulties
  • 25 excellent group cohesion activities to use within in your groups
  • Forms and evaluation sheets to help with the smooth running of groups

This resource has already been piloted across the UK and abroad and has proved to be very popular with teachers, therapists and children. This is certainly a must have for anyone working with young children or children with special needs on developing their social skills and skills at making and maintaining friendships.

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