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Teaching the Moving Child:
OT Insights That Will Transform Your K-3 Classroom

by Sybil M. Berkey

Item: 9781598570649

Format: paperback
Pages: 176

This insightful book blends theoretical and practical information from the knowledge bases of teachers and occupational therapists to help all education professionals work together and better meet the needs of K-3 students. This book addresses the need for professional dialog between K-3 teachers and occupational therapists in public schools. It presents research from numerous academic sources, including studies on stress in children, the movement-learning link, the development of children's drawings, the writing-drawing link, play, fitness and academics, sensory processing, and evidence-based information on handwriting and its link with the writing process, as well as dynamic assessment and its application to the collaborative relationship between teachers and OTs in the public schools.

The final chapter addresses collaborative effort at several levels, presenting the implementation of a model for team collaboration and a 'starter kit' for the development of educational strategies that will meet grade-level expectations without sacrificing the learning-readiness of young children.

Overall, the contents of the book offer a blend of broad perspectives and practical guidance. Some content is designed to inform the school-based OT who typically is not cognizant of the theoretical foundations of education, which have quiet but significant impact on their own interventions with children. The primary content informs the K-3 teacher of the links between the knowledge bases of both professions and the need to consider all domains of occupational/educational performance in supporting core and targeted instruction.

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