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Teaching Playskills To Children With Autistic Spectrum Disorder:
A Practical Guide

by Melinda J. Smith

Item: 9780966526639

Format: softcover

Pages: 174

Teaching Playskills is a comprehensive manual encompassing the many aspects of play and how they can be incorporated into the lives of children with developmental delays. Written accessibly and intimately, Dr. Smith gives both parents and professionals a concrete look into the dynamic world of play and how it affects and applies to our exceptional children. The guide begins by defining play and delineating methods of developing and teaching playskills. It addresses everything from building toys to games and music, to sensory play as well as imaginative play. The final chapters deal with the important yet challenging aspects of peer interactions and the dynamics of playgroups for preschool and school-aged children. By teaching playskills in a systematic and structured way, children are given the tools to achieve independence and confidence, not just in play but in social situations and solitary leisure.

The progression of playskills is a key element in development. In fostering and encouraging our exceptional children to learn how to play, we are assisting them in their progression toward the mainstream. Teaching Playskills is an invaluable manual for families that are participating in their children’s home or centre-based intervention programmes and need guidance on how to incorporate age-appropriate playskills into daily living. Part of what makes this particular book so useful is the way in which Dr. Smith delineates how to utilise readily available toys, songs and objects to aid in the process of teaching a child how to play, something that we as adults far from those days find extremely difficult.

“Phenomenal resource for parents and therapists. Great suggestions for play activities and language to supplement. Highly recommended”
- from Amazon

“This book has taken our in-home Verbal Behavior program to new heights! It is simple to read, understand and implement! My son has ASD and is 3.6 yrs. old … he has a vocabulary of maybe 25 words at this point but his play skills are now booming! The ideas that Dr.Smith gives are for all levels of dev. delays … this allows the book to assist us as my son moves onward and upward. My therapists are also extremely happy with his progress. Kudos! Dr.Smith … thank you for helping a parent in need … someday I’ll have my son write you a thank you himself … just you wait and see!”
- from Amazon

“As adults we forget ‘how’ to play, this book more than reminds us. It outlines ways to play with blocks, legos, puzzles, action figures and lots more. Anything your child enjoys playing with can be used to teach playskills. The step-by-step concrete instructions include dialogue and almost guarantee success. Skills addressed include imitative play, pretend play, toy play, music, games and sensory play.”
- from Amazon

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