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Teaching the Language of Time

by Marilyn M. Toomey
Illustrated by: Susan Christy-Pallo

Item: 9780923573256

Age Group: Grades K to 6

Format: spiral bound
Pages:110 pages

This helpful book enables you to present many aspects of time …

  • sequenced events
  • simultaneous events
  • measuring time
  • cycles
  • schedules
  • rate of motion in time
  • comparing past and present events

▪ Talk about time using ideas and language presented here.
▪ Support your lessons using the pictures and graphics in this book.
▪ Strengthen students’ learning using the activity pages.
▪ Enjoy teaching the language of time!


Sequenced Facts
Time Factors that Influence Events
“Pieces of Time;” Talking About Time Measurement
Cycles, Schedules, Comparing Past/Present, Rates of Speed
Personal Time; Age, Timeline of One’s Life


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