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Teaching Tips for Kids with Dyslexia:
A Wealth of Practical Ideas and Teaching Strategies that Can Help Children with Dyslexia (and other Reading Disabilities) Become Successful Readers!

by Sherrill B. Flora

Item: 9781602680562

Ages: Grades Pre-K to 5

Format: soft cover

Pages: 80 plus 4 transparancies

Based on current research, Teaching Tips for Kids with Dyslexia provides teachers and parents with practical multisensory methods that will help children acquire the necessary phonological skills to become successful readers. Included are the early signs and symptoms of dyslexia; language intervention strategies; the importance of developing pre-phonemic and phonemic awareness; multisensory methods for identifying letters, reading sight words, and spelling; as well as suggestions for classroom and material modifications; improving handwriting; building confidence; and new instructional concepts. This resource is a must for all elementary classroom teachers!

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