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The 50 Best Games Pocket Book Series:

Ages : 5 - 16 years

Format: A5 paperbacks
Pages: 64

These handy pocket books will ensure you are never again stuck for activity ideas that will help make both teaching and learning fun!

Carefully selected, each collection of The 50 Best Games is themed and addresses a specific area of development. All the games are easy to implement with the minimum of preparation and can be adapted to the needs of your particular group.

Use them as warm-ups, ice breakers, time fillers or to address a specific need. Suitable for groups of all sizes and can be used with all ages from young children to adolescents.
The 50 Best Games for Brain Exercise
by Rosemarie Portmann

Item: 9781906531140

Whether at home or at school, concentration and thinking skills are in demand. This selection of thinking games and brain training exercise will help attention spans, retention of informatin and alertness in class.
The 50 Best Games for Building Self-Esteem
by Rosemarie Portmann

Item: 9781906531188

Help create self-confident children with these games for building strength and self-esteem. This selection of games will help improve self-awareness, assertiveness, and confidence as well as respect for others.
The 50 Best Games for Children’s Groups
by Birgit Fuchs

Item: 9781906531126

Building group cohesion is not always easy. These fun games will enable children to feel part of the group and increase self-confidence, with activities that look at the individual, the group and communication skills.
The 50 Best Games for Groups
by Josef Griesbeck

Item: 9781906531164

All teachers and group leaders struggle to find suitable games from time to time. These themed activities will ensure you have a suitable game for any occasion – ice-breakers, closer, gun games, confidence builders and thinking games.
The 50 Best Games for Relaxation & Concentration
by Rosemarie Portmann

Item: 9781906531171

Easy to use games to help your class relax and concentrate, with activities for reducing fidgeting, calming down, reflection, thinking and concentration.
The 50 Best Games for Sensory Perception
by Andrea Erkert

Item: 9781906531119

Use these games to sharpen the senses and help childrren increase their perception and understanding of the world around them. Including games for vision, taste, smell and touch.
The 50 Best Games for Speech & Language Development
by Maria Monschein

Item: 9781906531133

Fun and easy tried-and-tested games to help develop language skills in children, including activities for listening skills, sound production, sentence formation, understanding concepts and much more.
The 50 Best Indoor Games for Groups
by Josef Griesbeck

Item: 9781906531157

Everyone working with children needs good, easily adaptable ideas for games. Getting to know you, creative thinking, brain stretching and trust building games.

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