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The Giving Book:
Open the Door to a Lifetime of Giving

by Ellen Sabin

Item: 9780975986806

Age Group: 6 - 11

Format: Spiral bound, hard cover
Pages: 64

The Giving Book: Open the Door to a Lifetime of Giving is truly a gift for young readers ages 6 to 11 – inspiring, teaching and engaging them to give back to the world. It is a unique, interactive process that allows parents, teachers or friends to help children understand giving and participate in a stimulating experience. The 64 page, spiral-bound, hardcover book combines colorful illustrations and entertaining narrative with fun learning activities. The book helps them record their ideas, dreams and wishes for the world – making them the authors of their stories and creating a “scrapbook” of their journey into compassion, philanthropy and the power of their actions.

The Giving Book grows kids with character by:

  • Nurturing caring and kindness
  • Teaching that every good deed is a gift with a powerful impact
  • Showing the power of actions and thereby increasing self-esteem and sense of self-worth
  • Inviting experiences that show the importance of charity and community
  • Providing an educational and engaging experience that children can do on their own, in the classroom or with their friends and family
  • Building their self-esteem by helping them understand the power of their actions and their ability to be kind, compassionate and helpful
The climate is right and the message is relevant – families, gift-givers, communities, schools and children are waiting for this book!

The Giving Book has received the prestigious Carol D. Reiser Book Award. Only one recipient a year receives this honour which spotlights a book that effectively promotes the concepts of volunteerism and commitment to community.
Sample Pages

“Want to nurture a child who learns to care about others? Buy them this book and let them experience how good it feels to do so!”

“So far, I’ve helped special needs kids, my school and a man who was hungry.”
– Leah, 6-year-old book user

“This activity book for children can be the beginning of a child’s discovery of the joy of giving.”
– Frances Hesselbein, Chairman of Leader to Leader Institute, Former CEO Girl Scouts of the USA

The Giving Book is in itself a gift to all of us who seek a greater level of philanthropy in our world. It is a wonderful, engaging tool for parents and others who want to instill in our children a strong sense of giving. It provides children an opportunity to use their own skills and ideas in creating a better life for someone besides themselves – building higher self esteem and a belief that one person can make a difference in the lives of others. My deepest appreciation goes to Ms. Sabin for her contribution to our children and our future!”
– Shay Bilchik, President/CEO, Child Welfare League of America

The Giving Book is exciting on so many levels! As a former fifth grade teacher, I see the value in it for the classroom. Teachers can now engage their students in fun lessons that will lead to a lifetime of compassion and service. At the same time, children are encouraged to read, compute, write, problem solve and be creative. As a parent, I love the idea of participating with my son in activities that help us bond while contributing to our community. The design and illustrations have drawn us both in.”
– Tarra Funk, Educator and Parent

The Giving Book fits well into our mission of teaching young Jewish children about doing good deeds – tzedachah. I believe this book has a place in all religious-oriented stores or venues as it teaches the universally religious theme of giving back to the world.”
– Mark Schwimmer, General Manager, Religious Bookstore

“I have read [The Giving Book] with interest and liked the premise and format. I will include it as a useful addition to the New Jersey Department of Education’s Directory of Character Education Programs – which school districts throughout the State use in selecting materials to support development of their character education programs.”
– Philip Brown, Ph.D., Director of New Jersey Center for Character Education

“This book is so important … but it is also as much fun and creative as Goodnight Moon, Where the Wild Things Are, and other classics. I hope it inspires just as many kids to dream!”
– Nancy Lubin, CEO, Do Something and Founder, Dress for Success

“My 8-year-old is eating it up. He’s talking to us about his giving actions, he’s asking about the world and he’s even teaching his little sister to pick up litter.”
– parent

“A key to raising philanthropic children is to start the lessons when they are young. This interactive book is a perfect place to begin!”
– Susan Crites Price, author of The Giving Family: Raising Our Children To Help Others (Council on Foundations, 2003)

“The greatest gift we can give our children is a tender heart and one full of compassion for others. Giving is a joy. This book takes an old concept and involves the children in the giving process, teaching them firsthand the benefits to giving.”
– Editor, Wee Ones Magazine

“This activity book is an excellent way to teach morals and ethics. I believe that is has a useful message delivered in a unique and enjoyable manner and stimulates valuable family and/or class discussions.”
– Elaine Goldberg, Principal of School in NYC

“…inspiring without sounding preachy.”
“…helps kids figure out how to use their talents to do good in the community!” “This activity book boasts dozens of kid-friendly ideas for lending a hand. Our kid tester’s favourite: Create a Giving Bag, a special piggy bank for saving money for charity.”
– Parenting Magazine

“…the challenge for all of us — adults and children — is to keep that spirit of giving all the time…”
– Michelle Singletary, Washington Post writer picking this book for the Color of Money Book Club

“Bravo, Ellen Sabin, for writing The Giving Book… a lovely, interactive book.”
– Washington Parent

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