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The Inclusion Toolkit

by Sarah Herbert

Item: 9781849207607

Ages: 7 to 14

Format: soft cover

Pages: 120

With downloadable electronic resources

Are you looking for ways to make your classroom more inclusive to children with learning difficulties?

The practical strategies suggested in this book are supported by current research into effective teaching and learning, and the author shows you how inclusion friendly teaching could look in your classroom. The book is aimed at the teacher who wishes to respond to the diversity of learning needs of children that are placed within their mainstream classroom, without teaching each child differently. The advice given for teaching all learners aged 7 to 14 will help you ensure that you are providing well for all your learners that only a very few will need substantially different support.

Rather than focussing on the differences between learners, the common strategies that will enhance the learning of all, based on the common concerns of class teachers working with pupils who have Special Educational Needs, are identified.

Structured around the three areas of memory, motivation, and communication which are key to addressing inclusion friendly teaching, the book covers:

  • the memory friendly classroom
  • the motivation friendly classroom
  • the communication-friendly classroom

Ideal for all classroom teachers working with children aged 7 to 14, and with plenty of supporting material available to download from the publisher’s website, which works in tandem with each chapter of the book, this toolkit will make inclusive teaching a reality.

“A useful text, particularly for those that are new to teaching or new to SEN in school.”
- Jo Winwood, Subject Leader, Special Needs and Inclusion Studies, University of Wolverhampton

“This is a useful resource for classroom teachers and those working within support for learning. Memory and motivation friendly classrooms are just two areas covered in some detail, with practical ideas and easy-to-use assessment sheets, together with other activities. This is for classroom practitioners. It is not a resource I would use with students on an initial teacher education programme, however it is a book I would highlight to them as useful for their probationary year.”
- Mrs Sue Fraser School of Education, Social Work &, Dundee University

“For a module regarding inclusion the students are required to produce a portfolio fo evidence. This text has been of great value in supporting the students and will be recommended as a purchased text.”
- Miss Fay Armstrong Health and Enterprise, Newcastle College

“A simple easy to use book that is useful for all students to use and relate to practice.”
- Mrs Julie Clarkson Early Years, Craven College

“A comprehensive, clearly signposted book with practical ideas for application in the classroom.”
- Dr Rhiannon Packer School of Psychology, Counselling and Early Years, University of South Wales

“The practical approach in this book has been highly valued by trainee teachers during periods of professional practice.”
- Mrs Marion Hobbs Education, Edge Hill University

“A very useful introductory book aimed at demonstrating the application of inclusive strategies in the classroom.”
- Dr Alison Wilde School of Education, University of Wales, Bangor

“Practical strategies to use with children aged up to teenage years. Useful resources for people working within schools.”
- Ms Emma Stevens Centre for Lifelong learning, Hull University

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