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The Language of Perspective Taking

by Marilyn M. Toomey
Illustrated by: Will Harney

Item: 9780923573447

Age Group: Ages 8 through adult

Format: softcover
Pages:120 pages

Help your students feel more comfortable in social situations as they learn to see things from someone else's point of view. Help them learn to "read" people's faces and understand how to inerpret facial expressions. Help them read and listen to discussions of events involving people's feelings or emotions by teaching them different words that refer to feelings and emotions.

Students will...

...think about how different people or animals see or experience the same situation or event, depending on conditions such as size, physical condition or temperature,

...learn to associate facial expressions with feelings or emotions and to talk about feelings or emotions using a wider range of vocabulary. They will see what type of experiences can bring about certain feelings,

...see that different experiences might bring about the same feeling for different people,

...and realise that different people might experience different feelings within the same situation.


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