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The Special Needs Acceptance Book:
Being a Friend to Someone with Special Needs

by Ellen Sabin

Item: 9780975986851

Format: Spiral bound, hard cover

The SPECIAL NEEDS ACCEPTANCE BOOK: Being a Friend to Someone with Special Needs is an informative and valuable book that helps children better understand their peers who have special needs. Using engaging exercises and educational information, it covers a range of disabilities and conditions including autism, Down syndrome, cerebral palsy, cystic fibrosis, learning disabilities like dyslexia, ADHD, blindness and deafness. This book provides insight to help kids understand their friends’ challenges, while also showing them that we are all more alike than we are different.

The Special Needs Acceptance Book grows kids with character by:

  • Helping them understand that everyone is different and has unique talents and challenges
  • Encouraging them to take the time and make the effort to understand and respect others
  • Offering exercises that encourage them to practice empathy and compassion and learn the power of their actions and their ability to be kind to others
  • Building a better understanding of special needs and how people with various disabilities may move, look, or act differently
  • Broadening their experiences by showing them that all friendships are different and can be rewarding in many ways
  • Building their self-esteem by helping them accept their own challenges and appreciate their own unique special qualities
Why The Special Needs Acceptance is SO important…

The largest minority in America is the population of people with special needs. Children live in a world full of people who are different from each other in all sorts of ways. Helping them to understand their peers, their family members, or even themselves will create greater acceptance and respect.

The Autism Acceptance Book was published in 2006 to create more understanding and acceptance of children with autism. The book was embraced by parents, teachers and others touched by autism, as an invaluable tool that filled an important and unmet need to help children with autism be understood and accepted. After the book’s publication, emails and calls were received from the parents, teachers, and communities who care about kids with other special needs — asking for more books on other disabilities so more children’s lives can be enhanced.

The Special Needs Acceptance Book is a tool for teachers seeking to inspire understanding in their classrooms, parents trying to encourage a more accepting environment for their children, and caring individuals hoping to show this generation of kids that we are all different, we are all special, and we all deserve to be understood and accepted.

This book is ideal for use in classrooms, camps, and other group settings.
Sample Pages

“Good character involves the head, the heart, and the hand-knowing, caring, and acting. This book develops all three: children’s understanding of special needs, their empathy for those facing the challenges of special needs, and their ability to befriend them in helpful ways. Parents, teachers, and others who care about character will be grateful for this excellent resource.”
– Thomas Lickona, Ph.D, author, Character Matters; Director, Center for the 4th and 5th Rs, SUNY Cortland

“This book is a powerful tool for ensuring that our schools and classrooms are a positive place for children with special needs. It helps implement tenets of the Individuals with Disability Education Act and allows children to have fun while softening the stigma of special needs.”
– Rod Paige, former United States Secretary of Education

“The quality of life of children with special needs can be enhanced when the people in their lives better understand the challenges that they face. This book offers a tool to support such understanding among schoolmates and friends. Ellen Sabin has created another book that helps our children embrace values of tolerance and acceptance — and the importance of contributing to the welfare and well being of others.”
– Shay Bilchik, former President and CEO of The Child Welfare League of America

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