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Thinksheets for Teaching Social Thinking and Related Skills:
Mini-lesson plans for high-functioning individuals with autism spectrum disorder, ADHD, or other related social-emotional learning challenges

by Michelle Garcia Winner

Item: 9781936943159

Format: paperback
Pages: 272

One of Social Thinking's best-selling books, Worksheets!, now has a new name: Thinksheets. Same great content, now with a new title and cover. Thinksheets encourages higher functioning individuals with autism spectrum disorder, social (pragmatic) communication disorder, ADHD, or other related social-emotional learning challenges to process more deeply what social thinking means to them. The curriculum works best for students mid elementary through high school. The thinksheets are coded to suggest which ones are better for different aged students.

Developed from years of working with students with social-cognitive challenges, the thinksheets serve as mini-lesson plans to introduce Social Thinking concepts. Educators can then take these concepts and adapt them through different activities they develop. Teachers, therapists, parents, and other caregivers can also copy and send the material to other stakeholders in the individual’s life to reinforce the concepts the student is learning, making Thinksheets a valuable supplement to Thinking About YOU Thinking About ME and Think Social!

“Michelle Winner’s approach to addressing the needs of these students is the most innnovative, practical, and exciting work I have learned in my 25 years as a Speech-Language Pathologist and Autism specialist. This book will allow you to spend less time planning and more time focusing on your students! This book is indispensable!”
- Patty, SLP, Autism Specialist

“Michelle’s framework and activities analyze the complex world of social thinking and masterfully explain the ‘why’ to people with social cognitive deficits. Her practical, detailed lessons and activities provide students with concrete strategies in real-life situations in order to facilitate social connections. I would highly recommend people faliliarize themselves with her work and curriculum.”
- Kathy, Autism Specialist

“This book contains very functional, practical, creative, and fun strategies for the highly complex challenge of improving social relationships and enhancing life-long skills for many of our children, students, and/or clients. Michelle makes it REALIZABLE, while teaching us new ways of looking at how we provide support to persons with ‘social cognitive deficits’. She not only has taught us to ‘think with our eyes’, but to broaden our perspectives on how and what we teach. She is one of our favourite presenters, receiving OUTSTANDING evaluations from staff and parents alike!”
- Andrea, SLP, Coordinator S.U.C.E.S.S. Project of Orange County

“A great collection of worksheets to help our students deepen their understanding of a variety of crucial social thinking concepts.”
- Lauren, SLP, Psychologist

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