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Understanding & Using Spoken Language:
Games for 7 to 9 Year Olds

by Catherine Delamain & Jill Spring

Item: 9780863885150

Age Group: Ages 7-9
Format: spiral bound
Pages: 312

Following on from the award-winning Speaking, Listening Understanding (for children aged from 5 to 7 years), this collection of original games and activities is designed to help children aged from 7 to 9 years.

The exercises can be used by mainstream teachers with the relevant age group, as well as with older children with impaired or impoverished communication. In this instance, the activities would be especially effective if used by teachers and speech language therapists working collaboratively. They would also be a useful tool for teachers and therapists in special schools and speech language clinics.
  • Divided into two areas (Understanding Spoken Language and Using Spoken Language), each skill area is organised along broad developmental lines, and the activities can be easily incorporated into the daily classroom programme.

  • Instructions are clear and simple, and the activities are designed for whole classes or smaller groups and can be carried out by teachers, speech language therapists, classroom assistants or volunteers.

  • Equipment is kept to a minimum, and the book provides the majority of the resources as photocopiable pages, including many illustrations.

  • Promotes the skills outlined in the Speaking and Listening section of the English National Curriculum Key Stage Two.
This extensive collection of games and activities will prove an invaluable resource for all teachers, speech & language therapists, special educational needs co-ordinators and literacy advisors working with 7 to 9 year olds.

Preface and Introduction; How to Use this Book; Receptive Language Activities; Expressive Language Activities; Activity Resources; Optional Record Sheets.
“Some of the easiest games could be useful in working with language impaired children but by and large this book is a marvellous resource for building the skills of mainstream children.”
- Afasic News

“There is no way speech teachers in every sphere of our profession whether working with adults or children could not find a plethora of ideas in this book … an excellent mix of drama and speech work … an excellent addition to any teacher’s library.”
- Speech Drama

“Clearly laid out and crisply designed with good use of symbols and pictograms to explain a complex subject.”
- British Book Design Production Awards

“Each game begins on a new page and is clearly laid out … well worth the money — when is the next one due out?”
- Child Language Teaching and Therapy


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