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Understanding Death and Illness and What They Teach About Life:
An Interactive Guide for Individuals with Autism or Asperger’s and their Loved Ones

by Catherine Faherty

Item: 9781932565560

Format: softcover
Pages: 341

Finally, family members and professionals have true guidance for these difficult, but necessary, conversations. Author Catherine Faherty offers detailed, concrete explanations of illness, dying, life after death, losing a pet, and numerous other issues. Her descriptions are written with such care; even caregivers will be comforted by her words.

The Communication Forms following each short topic will engage learners and include them in the conversation, allowing them to share personal experiences, thoughts, and concerns. Wonderful chapters such as “What People May Learn When Facing Death” and “Role Models and Mentors” put death into perspective in terms of life, and encourage us all to live fully.

Catherine covers important topics such as:

  • Illness and Injury
  • Recuperating and Healing
  • When Someone is Dying
  • What Happens to the Person Who Dies
  • Putting Pets to Sleep
  • Rituals and Traditions
  • What People Say and Do
  • Plus many more!

“In this book, you will find a comprehensive treatment of death focusing on things most likely to concern those with ASD presented in the clear, straightforward, and concrete manner that is most likely to help those on the spectrum, as well as the professionals, family members, or friends that are concerned about them. Readers of this book will learn a lot about death, themselves, and how to help people with ASD to better understand and cope with it. After reading this book, my admiration for the author, Catherine Faherty, has continued to grow, along with my appreciation for her courage and conviction in making this available for all of us who care about helping people with ASD to deal with this issue and succeed in understanding this still confusing and anxiety-provoking aspect of our everyday lives.”
- Gary Mesibov, Professor & Director, Division TEACCH, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

“Catherine Faherty has written a masterpiece for people of all ages and abilities.… I wish this valuable resource had been available to my family and me when my sister, Sharon, who had autism, experienced her lengthy illness with a rare neurological disease that took her life. It could have helped us discuss the illness and impending death with Sharon and all of our family members. We did the best we could. Catherine’s book is a resource that every family should have in their family library for those times of need.”
- Kathy Kelchner, M.Ed., Educational Consultant

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