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Unlocking Literacy:
Effective Decoding and Spelling Instruction

by Marcia K. Henry

Item: 9781557666642

Format: softcover
Pages: 320

With this innovative book, educators will help students from prekindergarten to middle school and beyond learn to read and spell accurately — and they’ll get a refresher course on language skills and structure so they can teach students with confidence. Designed for preservice and in-service general and special educators, this book offers a wide range of teaching strategies that integrate two interlocking skills: decoding and spelling.

Teachers will
  • sharpen their knowledge of three basic concepts for decoding words and spelling them: letter-sound correspondences, syllable patterns, and morpheme patterns

  • expand students’ literacy skills and knowledge by increasing their awareness and understanding of the origins of English words, affixes, roots and combining forms, multisyllabic words, and abstract concepts

  • boost early literacy and language development by helping students develop print awareness and phonological awareness through letter naming, letter forming, and listening and speaking activities such as poetry and play

  • begin formal reading and writing instruction by teaching students to identify, understand and use common consonant and vowel patterns, syllables, common spelling rules, prefixes and suffixes, roots, non-phonetic words, and contractions

  • deepen students’ proficiency with language by introducing less common Latin roots and Greek combining forms, new words entering the English language, and lessons built around themes such as calendars and mythology

Filled with classroom activities suitable for use with English language learners, lesson plans incorporating multisensory language-based instruction, samples of student work, explanations of current research, and extensive word lists, this book will help unlock literacy in ways both teachers and students will enjoy.

“This book is in a class by itself! It provides teachers… with the nuts and bolts they need to get optimal student gains. Unlocking Literacy reflects the best of what is known about how to teach decoding and spelling skills.”
- Donald D. Deshler, Ph.D., Center for Research on Learning, University of Kansas

“This book… is just what the doctor ordered! In one volume, the teacher has a comprehensive introduction to letter-sound correspondences, syllable patterns, and morpheme patterns in words. All will benefit greatly from this important volume.”
- Keith E. Stanovich, Ph.D., University of Toronto, author of Progress in Understanding Reading


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