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Writing Better:
Effective Strategies for Teaching Students with Learning Difficulties

by Steve Graham, Ed.D., & Karen Harris, Ed.D.

Item: 9781557667045

Format: softcover
Pages: 192

Struggling writers — those with learning disabilities and those who just need additional help — can improve their skills dramatically if they get the detailed, explicit instruction they need. With this informative, research-supported handbook, elementary and middle school teachers will learn why and how to make systematic writing instruction a part of their classroom.

Educators will get

  • in-depth descriptions of strategies that help students navigate every phase of the writing process
  • examples of step-by-step action plans and mnemonic devices that teach students new skills

  • short summaries of field-testing results that show how the strategies succeeded in real classrooms
  • before-and-after samples of student writing that illuminate the real difference these strategies can make
With these scientifically validated ideas and exercises — adaptable for use across grades — teachers will have the solid foundation they need to help struggling students both improve their skills and change the way they feel about writing.

Section I: The Power of Writing
  1. Writing Uphill: Why Strategy Instruction Is Important
  2. Writing Is a Dog's Life: A Guide to Writing Difficulties
Section II: Strategies for Teaching Planning, Writing, and Revising
  1. How to Teach Writing Strategies
Section III: Writing Strategies That Can Be Applied Broadly
  1. PLEASE: A Paragraph Writing Strategy
  2. PLANS: A Goal-Setting Strategy
  3. STOP and LIST: Goal Setting, Brainstorming, and Organizing
  4. The Peer Revising Strategy
  5. The CDO Revising Strategy
  6. Summarizing Written Text
Section IV: Writing Strategies That Are Genre Specific
  1. Story Writing
  2. Persuasive Writing
  3. Writing Explanations
  4. Writing a Comparison/Contrast Paper
  5. Report Writing
Section V: Strategies for Self-Regulating and the Writing Process
  1. Self-Monitoring
  2. Goal Setting
Section VI: Making It Work
  1. Guidelines for Implementing Writing Strategy Instruction
Appendix: Sources of Quotes and Anecdotes

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