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Format: cards
Pages: 48

48 cards, A5 size, instruction booklet, boxed

Showing specific adjectives in context, this set is ideal for children and adults. Provides the user with the option to elicit either a simiple word or a more complex language situation. Cards include long/short,. wet/dry, open/closed, full/empty, big/little and many more.


Comprises 48 cards illustrating a variety of different adjectives. Each adjective is pictured more than once. Most cases shown with the adjective opposite in meaning. Sometimes one adjective of a pair is illustrated and the other is implied.

  • BIG AND LITTLE CLEAN AND DIRTY – Parcels, Brushes, Shoes and boots, Arms and legs, Hats, Balls, Faces, T-shirts, Sunglasses, Teddies, Trousers, Plates
  • LONG AND SHORT OPEN AND CLOSED – Hair, Sleeves and trousers, Lunch boxes, Umbrella, Socks, Dresses, Drawers, Jewellery boxes, String of beads, Ribbons, Books, Hands and eyes
  • WET AND DRY FULL AND EMPTY – Girls, Hands, Wheelbarrows, Baskets, Tea Set, Paintings, Jars, Vases, Boys, Hair, Plant pots, Glasses
  • BROKEN HOT AND COLD – Eggs, Jug, Food, Clothes
  • OLD AND NEW HAPPY AND SAD – Cases, Shoes, Clowns, Children
  • HEAVY AND LIGHT – Weight and feather, Case and carrier bag

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