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Item: 5035011100017

Format: cards
Pages: 192

This ColorCards pack has been designed as a resource for teaching a wide range of language skills. The objects illustrated are from 24 categories and are arranged in groups of four. The vocabulary is interesting and stimulating, and the cards are attractive to use. There are 96 pictures in the pack and each is duplicated making a total of 192 cards.

The special features of Multi-Match are:

  • The cards are arranged by subject in groups of four
  • Each group has a different theme
  • The vocabulary is comprehensive and concentrates on adjectives and nouns
  • Each card is duplicated
  • Some cards show one simple object and some show a small group of items
  • The list of contents is given in two different ways for flexibility of use
  • With the addition of Lotto Clip Frames, these cards are ideal for lotto


  • BATHROOM – brush & comb; shaving kit; towels; toothbrushes & paste
  • BEACH – deck chair; beach wear; beach ball; beach toys
  • DRINKS – fizzy drink; coffee; baby’s milk; milkshake
  • FRUIT – apples; grapes; strawberries; kiwi fruit
  • GARDEN – hand tools; hose; fork & spade; watering can
  • HATS – woman’s hat; baseball cap; baby’s hat; cycle helmet
  • KITCHEN – crockery; mixer; cutlery; chopping board
  • MUSIC – keyboard; bells; percussion; guitar
  • PARTY – decorations; party food; gift; celebration cake
  • SCHOOL – pencil case; glob;e bag; lunchbox
  • SHOES – sports shoes; woman’s shoes; booties; boots
  • SNACKS – crisps; sweets; popcorn; cookies
  • TOOLS – hammer; saw; screwdriver; drill
  • TOYS – jigsaw puzzle; colouring set; board game; construction toy
  • VEGETABLES – peas; carrots; cauliflower; pepper
  • ANIMALS – lion; rabbit; giraffe; crocodile
  • BIRDS – peacock; parrot; flamingo; owl
  • FARM – tractor; cow; farmer; sheep
  • HOME – kitchen; bathroom; bedroom; garden
  • MINI-BEASTS – butterfly; snail; spider; bee
  • PEOPLE – man; woman; child; baby
  • PLANTS – tree; flowers; grass; cactus
  • RECREATION – reading; playground; fairground; swimming
  • TRANSPORT – train; plane; boats; bicycles

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