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Emotions & Expressions


Format: cards
Pages: 48

Ages : 5+

48 cards, A5 size, explanatory manual, boxed

Also available: Emotions & Expressions 2

Understanding facial expressions. For use with the Not Just Talking intervention programme by Sioban Boyce.

A comprehensive set of cards which provide an opportunity to explore through discussion the likely emotions and responses that are shown in faces and accompanying body language. This is particularly helpful for children who fail to recognise or misread facial expressions and are consequently unable to behave appropriately having misunderstood the response they have observed. Emotions and expressions featured include:

  • Worried
  • Fed up
  • Shocked
  • Happy
  • Sad
  • Angry
  • Dislike
  • Scared
  • Pleasure
  • Surprised
  • Confused
  • Love

The accompanying manual describes each image; provides details about the importance of understanding facial expressions and a case study of how using the cards has provided an opportunity to address behaviour issues.


Also available:


Emotions & Expressions 2

Item: 9780863889844

Format: cards
Pages: 44

Emotions & Expressions 2 Colorcards: This second set of emotion and expression cards provide an increased level of complexity to help tackle problems associated with children who have learned to talk but have not developed sufficient non-verbal understanding to enable them to hold effective conversations. Using the cards will enhance a child’s ability to: interpret facial expressions and body language; recognise the signals that indicate where people are; know what people might be doing, thinking, feeling or talking about; produce information relevant to the situation and people present; develop key observational skills; and exhibit theory of mind - understand and empathise from another’s perspective. The pack contains cards showing 4 different age examples of the following emotions - interested; sad; angry; kind; scared; worry; share; bored; pleased; confused; and fed up.


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