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Indoor Sounds


Format: cards
Pages: 40

40 cards, A5 size, instruction booklet, CD, boxed

Indoor Sounds is a sound and picture matching activity. There are forty different sounds on the CD and forty matching laminated cards. The sounds are arranged in four groups of ten. For each group there is an accompanying set of ten cards. These indoor sounds are familiar. They will be within the experience of most students.

1. whistling
2. singing
3. sneezing
4. snoring
5. laughing
6. crying
7. yawning
8. coughing
9. shouting
10. clapping

Everyday sounds
11. clock
12. washing machine
13. phone
14. door bell
15. electric kettle
16. stirring coffee
17. bathroom shower
18. toilet flush
19. eating an apple
20. coming downstairs

Being Busy
21. drying hair
22. cleaning teeth
23. typing
24. drilling
25. frying
26. vacuuming
27. hammering
28. sweeping
29. running tap
30. chopping vegetables

Having Fun
31. computer game
32. pouring a drink
33. piano
34. activity centre
35. personal stereo
36. guitar
37. splashing
38. blowing up a balloon
39. playing with a toy car
40. eating crisps

“I love these card sets by ColorCards – they are excellent photos using people of all ages … Used with the pictures it is a good activity and enjoyed by all the pupils I tried it with. It promotes listening, attention and auditory processing and can also be used for verbs and general vocabulary."
- NAPLIC Newsletter

"I have found them [Listening Skills] extremely useful. The children were motivated by the pictures and enjoyed discriminating the sounds. … I would recommend them as a valuable listening resource … and certainly the CD format is much easier to present than the tape."
- Independent Talking Points

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