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Format: cards
Pages: 48

48 cards, A5 size, instruction booklet, boxed

This pack has been designed to develop visual discrimination. The set comprises 24 pairs of large format photographs showing well-known activities concerned with work, leisure and daily living. Each pair is essentially the same, but includes three well-defined differences. The task is to discover and explain these differences. The photos are visually clear, but depict detail as well as the main theme or activity. The variety of colours, forms and objects ensure that the material is interesting and stimulating.

1. Cook
2. At the table
3. Footballer
4. Businessman
5. Bed time
6. Skateboard rider
7. Cyclist
8. Painter
9. Dressing up
10. Fisherman
11. Clown
12. Picnic
13. Traveller
14. Conservatory
15. Administrator
16. Nursery
17. Evening out
18. Party time
19. Saxophonist
20. Hairdresser
21. Sledge
22. Gardener
23. Guitar player
24. Dressmaker


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