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Format: cards
Pages: 48

48 cards, A5 size, instruction booklet, boxed

One card of each pair shows the outside of a storage place or container, while the second card reveals the many and varied objects found inside. Designed to develop attention and concentrate skills, observation skills, comprehension, classification, expressive language and vocabulary. This set has proved to be hugely popular.

48 Large format photocards, arranged in 24 pairs. One card of each pair shows outside of storage place, the second card of each pair reveals the contents:
1 Toy Box
2 Fridge
3 Baby bag
4 Garage
5 Picnic basket
6 School bag
7 Beach bag
8 Suitcase
9 Kitchen cupboard
10 Handbag
11 Sideboard
12 Toolbox
13 Wardrobe
14 Sports bag
15 Cupboard
16 First aid box
17 Saucepans
18 Bathroom cabinet
19 Car boot
20 Sewing basket
21 Garden shed
22 Jewellery box
23 Briefcase
24 Rucksack


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