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Autism-Asperger’s and Sexuality:
Puberty and Beyond

by Jerry and Mary Newport

Item: 9781885477880

Format: softcover
Pages: 230

A husband and wife with Asperger’s Syndrome give invaluable advice to and for teens and adults going through this difficult period. Anyone who has read Jerry Newport’s first book, Your Life is Not a Label, knows that he has a knack for bringing understanding, warmth, and humor to any subject. Here, in this invaluable book, he and his wife, Mary, bring those same abilities to explaining the world of sexuality to people with autism and Asperger’s Syndrome.

This is an “Everything You Ever Wanted to Know” kind of book!

“I will have my daughter with Asperger’s read this immediately, particularly the chapter on abuse. She NEEDS this information.”
- Marianna Bond, Autism Chapter Leader

“I think this book will be terrific for all of us with autism or Asperger’s Syndrome!”
- Lindsi Cavender, college student with Asperger’s Syndrome

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