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Talkabout Talking - Listening

Talkabout Posters

by Alex Kelly

Item: 5035011600852

Ages: 7+

Format: A3
Pages: 16

A superb set of posters designed to complement the Talkabout range. The posters provide visual stimulus to support work on social skills covering:

  • Talkabout Talking – How do we communicate?; the way we talk; starting conversations; ending conversations; listening.
  • Talkabout Assertiveness – Assertiveness; making suggestions; apologising; disagreeing; refusing; express your feelings.
  • Talkabout Friendship – Giving compliments; coping with anger; peer pressure; coping with peer pressure; coping with jealousy.
Talkabout Talking - How Do We Communicate? Talkabout Assertiveness - Refusing
Talkabout Talking - The Way We Talk Talkabout Talking - Stasrting Conversations Talkabout Talking - Ending Conversations Talkabout Assertiveness - Assertiveness
Talkabout Assertiveness - Making Suggestions Talkabout Assertiveness - Apologising Talkabout Assertiveness - Disagreeing Talkabout Assertiveness Express Your Feelings
Talkabout Friendship - Giving Compliments Talkabout Friendship - Coping With Anger Talkabout Friendship - Peer Pressure Talkabout Friendship - Coping With Peer Pressure
Talkabout Friendship - Coping With Jealousy

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