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It's All True!

Level 1
Level 2
Level 3

Age Group: 9 to 14+

Format: softcover

This high-interest nonfiction series includes reading experiences in five content areas: Life Science, Earth and Space Science, History/Social Studies, Technology, and Careers. It introduces grades 4-8 content-area vocabulary in a medium that struggling readers can master.

Read-UP! with 3 levels of readability. Each level (set of 5 books) contains a book from the five content areas, so a student can keep reading in one content area if he or she prefers.

FREE Teacher's Guide and Comprehension Questions are aligned with the Common Core State Standards. (see link on this page)


Sample Chapters

Teacher's Guide and Comprehension Questions

Level 1

By Lisa Benjamin & Susan Blackaby

Item: 9781571288813

Readability Level: 1st Grade Readability
DRP Lexile Rating: Lexile: 430-460
Most frequent 950 words

Wild Places (content area: Earth and Space)
What are the hottest, coldest, highest, lowest, and biggest places on Earth? In this book you’ll visit deserts, ice fields, mountains, oceans, and rivers to find out.
Lexile: 430

This is Huge (content area: Living Things)
Huge Ice Age mammoths and modern-day Komodo dragons roam the pages of this book. Even they look small next to a fungus the size of 1,665 football fields!
Lexile: 440

Scary Jobs (content area: Careers)
Some people like to take risks. In this book you’ll meet workers who chase tornadoes, stand on erupting volcanoes, climb cell-phone towers, and even dive into raw sewage!
Lexile: 440

We Made It (content area: Technology)
How are the Great Pyramid, the Three Gorges Dam, and the International Space Station alike? The world’s best builders made these and other amazing structures.
Lexile: 440

Dying Times (content area: History)
When Dying Times come, the world changes. This book explores plagues, famines, cholera, and a killer flu — and how people tried to stop them from spreading.
Lexile: 460


Sample Chapters

Teacher's Guide and Comprehension Questions

Level 2

By Lisa Benjamin

Item: 9781571288875

Readability Level: 2nd Grade Readability
DRP Lexile Rating: Lexile: 450-530
Most frequent 1,200 words

Earth Gets Weird (content area: Earth and Space)
Black holes and blue holes, chocolate hills and solar explosions. Earth and space have some real surprises!
Lexile: 520

Weird Science (content area: Living Things)
Scavengers, deep-sea monsters, and two-headed flatworms are just a few of the weird creatures, large and small, that live in our world. Beware of the eyelash mites!
Lexile: 490

Weird Jobs (content area: Careers)
Some people have weird jobs. In this book you’ll meet workers who design roller coasters, study garbage, make fake food, and act like aliens for a living!
Lexile: 530

Invented by Mistake (content area: Technology)
How are pacemakers, potato chips, penicillin, and Silly Putty alike? They — and many other inventions — were invented by mistake!
Lexile: 500

Final Resting Places (content area: History)
Readers visit famous and unusual tombs around the world, learning about the leaders who are buried in them — and their plans for the afterlife.
Lexile: 450


Sample Chapters

Teacher's Guide and Comprehension Questions

Level 3

By Allison Lassieur & Paul Demko

Item: 9781571288936

Readability Level: 3rd Grade Readability
DRP Lexile Rating: Lexile: 560-600
Most frequent 1,200 words

Deadly Nature (content area: Earth and Space)
Tsunamis, climate-changing volcanoes, droughts, ice ages, and meteors that crash to Earth. Nature can do some damage!
Lexile: 560

Healers and Killers (content area: Living Things)
Bloodsuckers and box jellyfish, foxglove and “apples of death.” Nature has animals and plants that kill or heal — and sometimes do both!
Lexile: 590

Ready for the Worst (content area: Careers)
Nuclear disasters, plane crashes, cyber crime, killer viruses. When bad things happen, the people in this book get to work.
Lexile: 580

Robots (content area: Technology)
Robots have been around for 1,000 years. Today they take apart bombs, rescue wounded soldiers, perform surgery, and even jog with people!
Lexile: 570

Turning Points (content area: History)
From the Battle of Milvian Bridge in 312 to the Battle of Britain in 1940, this book spans time and crosses the globe. The five conflicts described became turning points in history.
Lexile: 600

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