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Sound Out Chapter Books Kit

Item: K-8465-6

Readability Level: Low 1st Grade Readability
Recommended Ages: 7 - 14+
DRP Lexile Rating: DRP Level:35-48 | Lexile: Below 100 |
Guided Reading: E & F

The Sound Out Kit includes 36 books and 6 workbooks in a convenient storage case:

  • Set A-1, 6 titles and reproducible workbook
  • Set A-2, 6 titles and reproducible workbook
  • Set B-1, 6 titles and reproducible workbook
  • Set B-2, 6 titles and reproducible workbook
  • Set C-1, 6 titles and reproducible workbook
  • Set C-2, 6 titles and reproducible workbook

For years we have been hearing from special education teachers who have found the Sound Out Phonics-Based Chapter Books effective in teaching basic reading skills. Designed to follow a skill sequence that gives students multiple opportunities to practice specific phonics skills, your student will ‘graduate’ from set A-1 to set C-2 with the confidence that comes from a successful reading experience. If your student has a learning disability, or is learning English as a second language, these are the books you have been searching for:

  • Readability levels fall well beneath the standard Grade 1 reading scale
  • Recommended for ages 7-11 and up
  • Narrative style and age appropriate themes
  • Each book is 12.7cm x 17.8cm, 32 pages with 22-point type
  • Books include sight words from the Dolch 220 list
  • Ideal for independent reading

Sets A-1 and A-2 each consist of six books, three of which focus on short vowels and three that focus on long vowels. Students with minimal reading skills can read these books from cover-to-cover. They’ll have a successful and enjoyable reading experience with lots of decoding practice.

Sets B-1 and B-2 each include six books that give practice in all the decoding skills found in Set A plus two groups of new skills: three of the books focus on consonant blends and digraphs and three focus on diphthongs, controlled vowels, and silent letters. Like Set A, only single-syllable words are included.

Sets C-1 and C-2 each include six books that give practice in all of the skills found in Sets A and B and add new skills. Three books focus on spelling patterns, inflectional endings, and compound words and three focus on prefixes and suffixes and regularly spelled two-syllable words.

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