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Products : StoryTime

StoryTime is a read-along software for beginning readers featuring original stories by professional writers for children.

As letters combine into words, words into sentences, and sentences into stories, a new enchanted world is brought about to the young mind as he gets immersed in this magical realm of images, sound, and symbols that grown up call "reading".

To the young reader StoryTime reveals the meaning of words and unveils their mystery as the teller's voice brings them into life. Reading ceases to be hard work or a painful chore and becomes as easy as a ride to magic land.

"The stories are part of my grandson's reward system - more popular than chocolate. I hope that you're going to carry on producing more of this type of program. We have found this program so helpful... It stands out so much above others that we use that I feel that we don't have enough."
Margaret Hobson, grandmother of a child with Autism

What are the system requirements?
Software Requirements
Microsoft Windows 95, 98, NT 4.0, ME, 2000, XP or Vista operating system

Minimum Hardware Requirements
IBM Compatible PC with Intel based Pentium processor 250MHZ
64 MB of RAM
Double-speed CD-ROM drive
300 MB of available disk space
64K colour (16 bit) SVGA video card with 800x600 resolution capability
Sound card

Price : S$29.50

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