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6 Speaking & Listening Board Games

Item: 9421002411334

Ages: Grades 2 to 5

Contents: game boards, counters, 2 spinners, and a die

Involving drama, role-play, and fun, these speaking and listening board games will encourage children to listen carefully and speak clearly while developing their ideas, thinking skills, and vocabulary.

The importance of getting children off to a good start cannot be overstated, and these games will prove invaluable in developing the key skills crucial for future success in reading and writing.

6 Speaking and Listening Board Games contain 6 games on heavy laminated board (30cm x 42cm) with built-in spinners.

Topics of the games include:

  • Working as a Group
  • Interaction
  • Decision Making
  • Developing Ideas
  • Drama
  • Critical Thinking

Instructions are printed right on gameboards!


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