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Big Box of Sentence Building
A Creative Way to Build an Endless Number of Sentences Using 250 Puzzle Pieces!


Format: puzzle

250 puzzle pieces (5cm x 5cm size), 4-page booklet that includes directions, teaching suggestions, and games

Improve sight word recognition, build vocabulary, increase fluency, teach punctuation, and introduce grammar with the Big Box of Sentence Building! The 250 puzzle pieces (approx. 5cm x 5cm) also include four blank puzzle pieces that can be used with write-on/wipe-off crayons or dry erase markers. The pieces are also colour-coded by the part of speech it represents. Also included is a 4-page booklet with directions, teaching suggestions, and games. Games include Scrambled Sentences, Spinner Game, and much more. Supports NCTE standards.


  • 81 action, linking & helping verbs (blue)
  • 43 nouns (red)
  • 39 adjectives (green)
  • 25 adverbs (cyan)
  • 19 pronouns (pink)
  • 18 prepositions (orange)
  • 6 conjunctions (yellow)
  • 6 articles (purple)
  • 3 pronoun/determiners (lime green)
  • 6 punctuation marks (black)

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