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Fraction Stax

Item: 9781564515803

Ages: 7 to 11

Contents: 51 plastic stacking pieces

Fraction Stax is a three-dimensional, stackable fraction model, and is a great hands-on learning tool for teaching fractional relationships. The set includes 51 plastic stacking pieces:

  • 1 black whole
  • 2 orange halves
  • 3 green thirds
  • 4 purple fourths
  • 5 blue fifths
  • 6 red sixths
  • 8 brown eights
  • 10 yellow tenths
  • 12 tan twelfths

Stacking the Fraction Stax pieces on the pegs gives students a hands-on introducton to the concept of a whole and fractional parts of the whole. They become aware that fractions represent equal parts of a whole. Students develop familiarity with fractions by seeing and touching the fraction pieces, and they construct useful images of fractions in their minds.

Fraction Stax is appropriate for whole class demonstrations, small group activities, or one-on-one instruction. Young students who are just learning about fractions can make their own discoveries by stacking the pieces on the pegs and comparing them. More advanced students can use Fraction Stax to compare, order, add, and subtract fractions.

Also included in the set is one nine-peg base measuring 35.5 cm x 7 cm, and a teacher’s guide. The “whole” stax is 11.4 cm tall.


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