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Pizza Party:
A Versatile Fraction Game

Item: 9781564516060

Ages: 6 to 11

Contents: 12 cardboard pizzas & 2 spinners

A mouth-watering way to learn fractions! Play eight different fraction games with this set of 12 realistic 12” (30.5cm) pizzas. The game set includes 12 cardboard pizzas cut into halves, thirds, fourths, sixths, eighths, ninths, twelfths, and sixteenths, plus two spinners and an activity sheet.

Players will:

  • identify fractional parts of the whole
  • match fractional notation to concrete models
  • identify equivalent fractions and fractional parts
  • subtract fractional parts from a whole and other fractions

It is perfect for 2-6 players and comes in a sturdy pizza parlor box!


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