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Products : Visual Foods

Visual Foods CD includes over 3,500 colour photographs of food and cooking-related procedures, over 300 pre-made layouts, and a formatting software.

Use the Visual Foods Photo Collection to create:

Picture Menus
Picture Recipes
Receptive Vocabulary Cards
Sequencing Cards
Nutritional Cards
Grocery Shopping Cards


Serving Suggestions
Combine one visual menu, choice board or shopping list with an early reader, nonverbal individual or ESL student. Add a few words of praise then watch your visual learner gain new life skills and independence.

Necessary Equipment
A computer running Windows 95 or higher, or Mac OS 8.5 or higher (natively in OS X), a CD-Rom drive and a printer.

The Visual Foods Photo Collection can be used with any age group. For young children it can be used to teach sequencing or receptive food and equipment labels. For older clients it can be used to teach sequencing, meal preparation and nutrition. It can also be used with any nonverbal client who needs a picture menu.

The photos on the Visual Foods CD are taken against a plain background from the user's perspective. This helps to clearly illustrate each step of the process. Also included on the CD are equipment photos and cooking-related procedures such as setting the table, washing dishes and cleaning up.

Included on the CD is a variation of the software program which comes with Picture This... Pro. The software allows you to search
by word, choose custom card sizes and text, or use the Pre-made Pages panel to easily select from over 300 pre-made recipes, grocery lists and equipment lists. These lists can be printed as is or customised to fit the user's situation.


Price : S$80.00