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Eye Level Reading Ruler:
Duo Window (Pack of 5 most popular colours)

by Crossbow

Item: CBRMP5

Age Group: all ages

The Eye Level Reading Ruler is a coloured overlay filter and text highlighter about the size of a 15cm ruler that will fit easily into a pocket of pencil case, or can be kept in the pages of a book as a bookmark. Discreet and not childish-looking, the reading ruler is made of a combination of opaque and transparent plastic that both underlines the text and highlights it in a coloured tint. Simply read the text through either of the tinted plastic strips of your selected colour, and track down the page: broad strip for paragraphs; narrow strip for single lines.

The Duo Window Eye Level Reading Ruler has two windows, one is 11mm wide and one 30mm wide: The narrow window will take one line of big text and 2 of small text and is useful for casual reading. It can be trimmed if helpful. Early readers often find it useful as the focus is confined. Focus can be further confined by taping paper over the wide transparent window a 5mm below the opaque bit of the ruler, so that all words except the present line are completely blocked out. As soon as the reader is confident enough, the aim should eventually be to read from the tracking line down on the wide edge so that it is possible to scan ahead if necessary. The rulers can be trimmed to fit in books or even cut in half to keep in a small dictionary.


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